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Original copies of back copies of Newsletters are no longer available.The Museum has placed all previous editions of the Newsletter onto CD-ROMs or a DVD. Each Newsletter is presented on these discs as an Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Each CD-ROM contains several Newsletters, but the DVD contains Newsletters 1 - 21.

Please note that the CD-ROMs and DVD discs are for use on a personal computer. They do NOT function if played using a domestic DVD player. From your computer each Newsletter can either be viewed on screen, or printed out for further study.

If you want to obtain a previous edition of a Newsletter, simply check which CD-ROM it is present on from the list below. In the case of the DVD, Newsletters 1- 21 are on it. Then ,from the link below, print out an order form and send it to the Museum with your remittance.

Each CD-ROM costs £10.00p inclusive of U.K. postage, £12.00 overseas postage

The DVD costs 19.99p plus 1-50p postage (UK) or 2-50 postage (overseas)

Payment must be by cheque or money order in Sterling.

Newslettters on the CD-ROM
DVD (for PC)
A Newsletters 1, 2, 3, and 4
Newsletters 1 - 21
B Newsletters 5 and 6  
C Newsletters 7, 8 and 9  
D Newsletters 10,11,and 12  
E Newsletters 13, 14 and 15  

Download form (PDF file) to order Newsletters;-

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