The Green Howard
Issue No 26, Spring 2019

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Our Last Fighting 'Tommy' - Privates James Stevenson MM 1895 - 1996
Brigadier-General T S Lambert, Commander 69th Brigade, with Commanding Officers and staff and trophies from the Battle of Mssines - 15 June 1917.
Cover Photo :
The Ribbon of Remembrance
Rear Cover :
The last two Colonels of the Regiment, General the Lord Dannatt and Brigadier John Powell, pause for a cup of coffee during a break in a hard day's fishing.


A Message from Colonel R C Mantell MBE, Representative Colonel.

The Green Howards Association, Another Busy and Productive Year. by Clive Mantell. pp 3 - 6.
Poppleton of Popplesdorf, a Green Howard in Occupation in the Rhineland.
by Jerry Randell, pp 7 - 9.
"Crispy Duck", Recollections of Hong Kong. by Anthony Gaynor, p 9.
A Clerk's Tale, - the Advantages of Being a Green Howard. by Ray Taylor. p 10.
Pages from Our History, 25 Years Ago. January - June 1994. by Tony Warriner. pp 11 - 13.
The 2nd Battalion Branch, A Fond Farewell / A Band of Brothers. by Bert Walker / Peter Etherington. pp 14 - 17.
The Funeral of King Haakon, a Young Green Howard Remembers. by Hugh Cartledge. pp 18 - 20.
A Life and Career After the Green Howards. by David Nicholson / Brian O'Hare. p 21- 22.
Opportunity Knocks (10). Stockton Road. by Pip Elliott. pp 23 - 25.
Medal Room Improvements. by Lynda Powell. p 26.
The Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance Website. by Edward Nicholl. pp 27 - 29.
Ribbon Links Community to Wartime Past. by Fiona Hall. p 30.
Pages from Our History, 50 Years Ago. January - July 1969. by Tony Warriner. pp 31 - 34.
"Not a Gentleman", Remembering Hedley Verity. by Nicholas Rynn. pp 35 - 36.
Bushman Extraordinary, John Lttlejohn and 'C'Company. by Frank Cotterill. pp 37 - 38,

Absent Friends - Last Post. pp 39 - 42.

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